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Maggie van Schalkwyk


I have been teaching at various institutions for a number of years and have now retired and plan to teach private art classes from my home studio. My work consists mostly of collages. These collages are compiled with images often from Beeld newspaper. Images from other newspapers and sources are also included. The images are chosen for their emotional and visual impact. They are photocopied, enlarged, manipulated and worked into with mixed media. The collages are composed by intuition rather than cerebral and conceptual planning. The works are a response to violence, crime, devastation, politics, social disorder and religious controversies. By means of juxtaposing, layering and fragmentation, an even stronger sense of a destabilized world is reconstructed.


Title Book 1:  Construction through time and context: communication through collage
Book 2:  Displacement  workbook
Medium Book 1:  printing on paper
Book 2:  small collages on paper
Dimensions Book 1:  A5
Book 2:  14 X 18cm
Edition Unique
Price -


Book 1: Construction through time and context: communicating through Collage deals with socio-political issues as well as a personal history of the Afrikaner heritage. The printed photographed images are of an actual body of works, sized 50 X 86cm.


Book 2: Displacement is a workbook process showing the compiling of small collages and text in order to create concepts and ideas for larger works. These have been put together as a series dealing with displacement and issues around children and family moving to other countries to start a new life. They also deal with xenophobia. As a family we moved from Zimbabwe to South Africa in the eighties in order to provide our children with a good education, and a chance to grow up in peace. Now our children have moved for the same reasons.